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Note: all accessories are fixed in place unless requested otherwise. All items complete as seen

© 2008 DB Miniatures

Site built using Serif

Dollhouse, Dollhouse Dining Room,  Dollhouse Kitchen, Dollhouse Bedroom, Dollhouse Nursery, Dollhouse Music, Dollhouse Accessories, Dollhouse Office, Dollhouse Reduced items, Dollhouse Catalogue

dollshouse altar
dollshouse church stool
dollshouse church
dollshouse pew
dollshouse cross
dollshouse church lectern
dollshouse pulpit
dollshouse pulpit
scale church items

Church Items are all UK hand made & ready to stain/varnish

Oak is from solid Oak

Limited Stock

Please add to order comment if required in mahogany

Some items now only avail in Mahogany / Jelutong

Mahogany Altar £19.50

Stool £5.00

Lectern £7.50

Oak Large Cross £4.95

Pulpit £27.50 in Jelutong

hand made

Mahogany Pew £15

Bishops Chair £7.50

1:12 scale Church Items

Mal's-E: Add Church Pulpit Jelutong to cart Mal's-E: Add Church Bishops chair to cart Mal's-E: Add Church Large Cross to cart Mal's-E: Add Church Pew to cart Mal's-E: Add Church Stool to cart Mal's-E: Add Church lectern to cart Mal's-E: Add Church Altar to cart

Bench Seat £5.00

Mal's-E: Add Church Bench to cart