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Mahogany Dining Room Set - nine piece £19.50

Oak Dining Set £14.50

Oak 5 Piece suite £18.99

Our new Dollhouse  Furniture Dining sets  / Dollhouse Furniture Living room sets are boxed and come complete as shown

We also sell complete Sets for:


Complete Dollhouse Furniture  Sets

Mal's-E: Add Mahogany nine piece dining room to cart Mal's-E: Add Oak dining room set to cart Mal's-E: Add 7 Piece Study Set to cart Mal's-E: Add Oak 5 piece white suite to cart Dolls house furniture set Dolls House Furniture set

8 piece Dining Room Set £11.99

10 piece Dining Room Set £24.99

Add to Cart Mal's-E: Add 10 Piece Dining Room Set to cart Dolls House Furniture set

NEW Dark Mahogany Drawing Room Set £32.99

Mal's-E: Add Mahogany Drawing Room Set to cart Dolls House Furniture set

NEW Walnut Dining Room  Set £18.50

Mal's-E: Add Walnut Dining Room to cart

Complete six piece Dining set  £22.99

Accessorised set  here

Mal's-E: Add Mahog Dining room set to cart Bedroom Nursery Kitchen

Real Oak Modern Living room set £21.99

Mal's-E: Add Modern Living room & TV set to cart