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Note: all accessories are fixed in place unless requested otherwise. All items complete as seen

© 2018 DB Miniatures

All our products are made for the enthusiast / collector and are not toys

Dollhouse Dining Room,  Dollhouse Kitchen, Dollhouse Bedroom, Dollhouse Nursery, Dollhouse Music, Dollhouse Accessories, Dollhouse Office, Dollhouse Reduced items

dollshouse rug dollshouse rug

Medium Turkish Rug Out of stock

Small Turkish Rug £0.55

dollshouse turkish rug dollshouse rug

Large Turkish Rug 15*23cm £4.25

XL Turkish Rug 31*20cm £5.99

Turkish Rugs are of Various Design

Bicycle with Basket £5.45

Chess board £4.25

Set of toilet rolls £1.20

Bath Salts * 8 Jars £2.99

Mal's-E: Add Set of toilet rolls to cart Mal's-E: Add Bath Salts to cart
Dollhouse Tea

two Cups of Tea £1.50

Coffee Tray £2.99

Tea Tray with Biscuits £2.99

dollhouse coffee tray
Dollhouse Tea
Dollhouse cutlery

12 piece cutlery set £1.99

Salver £0.99

Mal's-E: Add Two Cups of Tea to cart Mal's-E: Add Tea Tay with Biscuits to cart Mal's-E: Add Silver Salver to cart Mal's-E: Add !2 piece cutlery set to cart Mal's-E: Add Coffee tray to cart
dollhouse chicken brick

Chicken Brick £1.30

dollhouse jam jar

3 Jam Jars £1.99

dollhouse egg cups

Pr Eggs in cups £1.70

Mal's-E: Add Pair of eggs in eggcups to cart Mal's-E: Add JamJars to cart
dollhouse flowers
dollhouse flowers
dollhouse flowers

Flower Table centrepieces - various £5.25 Each

Flower Basket £2.50

dollhouse flowers

Board -£2.75

Iron - £0.70

Airer - 1.50

Complete £3.90

dollhouse ironing board set

Mop £0.50

dollhouse mop

Vacuum £1.99

dollhouse vacuum cleaner

Telephone £1.60

dollhouse telephone
dollhouse welcome mat

Welcome Mat £0.55

dollhouse shirts

Hand made shirts £0.55ea

Set of 3 £1.50

dollhouse umberella stand

Umbrella Stand £1.50

dollhouse doilly

4 Doilies £0.99

dollhouse ironing

Ironing £1.10

Eggs in Basket £1.65

Pair of Baking Trays £0.99

Bread Board £1.45

dollhouse rolling pin

Rolling Pin £0.35

dollhouse baking tray
dollhouse bread board
dollhouse egg basket
Mal's-E: Add BreadBoard to cart Mal's-E: Add Eggs in Basket to cart Mal's-E: Add Baking Trays to cart Mal's-E: Add Rolling Pin to cart

4 Medium Jars £2.50

6 Small Jars £3.50

dollhouse glass jars
dollhouse glass jars
dollhouse spice jars

Spice jars £2.25

dollhouse caddy set

Caddy set  £1.25

Mal's-E: Add Spice Jars to cart Mal's-E: Add 4 medium glass jars to cart Mal's-E: Add 6 Smalll glass jars to cart Mal's-E: Add Wooden Caddy Set to cart

Sewing Basket £2.25

Knitting Basket £2.25

dollhouse knitting basket
dollhouse cutlery

Cutlery Tray £2.25

dollhouse sewing basket

Gilt edge Mirror £1.80

dollhouse vase

Vase £1.25

Mal's-E: Add Sewing Basket to cart Mal's-E: Add Small circular vase to cart Mal's-E: Add Cutlery Tray to cart Mal's-E: Add Knitting Basket to cart Mal's-E: Add Gilt Edged Mirror to cart

Pink “Guzunder” £0.99

Ladies Tray £2.25

Small perfume tray £1.25

Oval Vase £0.60

dollhouse vase
Mal's-E: Add Oval Vase to cart Mal's-E: Add Ladies bedroom tray to cart Mal's-E: Add Pink Potty to cart

Bar set £0.99

dollhouse bar set

Champagne £0.80

Dollhouse champagne
dollhouse wine bottles

Six Wine Bottles £1.99

dollhouse orange juice

Orange juice set £3.50

Mal's-E: Add Six WIne Bottles to cart Mal's-E: Add Champagne Bottles to cart Mal's-E: Add Bar Set to cart

Wall Bracket £1.70

Dollhouse hanging bracket
Mal's-E: Add Flower in sack basket to cart Mal's-E: Add Table flower centrepiece to cart Mal's-E: Add Hanging Basket Bracket to cart Mal's-E: Add Ironing Set to cart Mal's-E: Add Mop to cart Mal's-E: Add Vacuum cleaner to cart Mal's-E: Add Iron & Ironing pile to cart Mal's-E: Add Ironing Board to cart Mal's-E: Add Iron to cart Mal's-E: Add Airer to cart Mal's-E: Add BreadBoard to cart Mal's-E: Add Stem Telephone to cart Mal's-E: Add Set of 3 handmade shirts to cart Mal's-E: Add Bicycle to cart Mal's-E: Add Handmade Shirt to cart Mal's-E: Add Large Turkish Rug to cart Mal's-E: Add XL Turkish rug to cart Mal's-E: Add 4 Doillies to cart Mal's-E: Add Umberella Stand to cart dollhouse books

Books £.050 Set

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dollhouse mirror
Add to Cart Mal's-E: Add Orang Juice Set to cart Mal's-E: Add Chess Board to cart Mal's-E: Add Small Blue perfume tray to cart

Door Mat £0.75

Pair of Bristle Mats £1.60

Toast Rack  £1.40

Add to Cart Add to Cart

“Roses” Tea set in Pink - 15 Piece £3.99

Add to Cart Mal's-E: Add Small Turkish Rug to cart

Exclusive DBMiniatures Handmade Pleated Curtains & Matching Cushions

Curtains come complete with Wooden Pole and fixings. Two sizes available (std) 6”*6”  or (narrow) 4.5”w*6” drop. These will fit the most common window sizes, for other / special sizes please contact us

Exclusive DBMiniatures Handmade Roman Blinds 6”wide

Red Flowered £2.99

Blue Flowered £2.99

Small perfume tray £1.25

Mal's-E: Add Small pink perfume tray to cart

Ceramic  Tea tray  £4.25

Mal's-E: Add Ceramic tea tray to cart

Blue “Guzunder”

Potty £0.99

Mal's-E: Add Blue potty to cart

Wedding Cake £1.50

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Victoria & Albert Plate £0.85

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Vegetable  Basket £1.99

Mal's-E: Add Vegetable basket to cart
dollshouse church

Spice Rack £1.70

Mal's-E: Add Spice Rack to cart
Dollhouse cheese board

Cheese board £1.50

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dollhouse frying pan

Frying Pan & Eggs £1.20

Mal's-E: Add Frying Pan with eggs to cart

Blue Flowered Cream £3.99


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£0.99 (Pair)

Red Flowered £3.99


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£0.99 (Pair)

Pink Lge Flowered £3.99


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£0.99 (Pair)

Mal's-E: Add Baking Board to cart

NEW DB Exclusive

Baking Board


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Breakfast set - 2 cups of Tea, 2 cornflake bowls & spoons, milk jug (with “milk”) £4.99

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Pink Polka dot   £3.99


Blue Polka dot  £3.99


Add to Cart

£0.99 (Pair)

Blue Sm Flowered £3.99


Sewing Machine £6.50

dollshouse sewing
Mal's-E: Add Sewing Machine to cart

Pink Sm Flower  £3.99