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All Our Dollhouse Bedroom sets come complete as seen

We have extended our range of complete Dollhouse furniture sets - in Bedroom, Dollhouse Dining Room/Lounge,  Dollhouse Kitchen

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Pine Single Bed Set


Dollshouse Bedroom Set

Pine Double Bed Set


4 Piece Set £14.99

5 Piece Walnut Set £22.99

6 Piece Walnut Set £22.50

Dollhouse Bedroom set
Dollhouse bedroom set
Dollhouse Bedroom set
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Luxury 5 Piece Four Poster set £ 23.99

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Luxury Mahogany Satin Bedroom £18.99  NEW

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We also sell complete Sets for:

Dining / Living Room Nursery Kitchen

Luxury six piece Dark wood £25.00

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Bedside as above picture

Awaiting Mirrors

Awaiting Mirrors